Sunday, May 6, 2012

This is what I did instead of sleeping

This evening I spent and hour and a half driving around, thinking, listening to music. The roads are a glorious outlet at night when they are partially empty and accompanied by a full mind and a great playlist. Sometimes there is a song or a group of songs that hits the spot like a food you have been craving, only better. Music is such a great vehicle (pun intended) for thinking and processing. This evening I let me myself cry, pray, rant and rave, yell, and, to the best of my ability, give the whole thing over to the Lord. Music was essential to this process. The ins and outs of each song became a train to take my internal world where it needed to go. I love this about music.

The playlist:
Take a Picture- Filter
Save Me From Myself-Jone Foreman
Up All Night (Frankie Millar Goes to Hollywood) - Counting Crows
Bite Hard- Franz Ferdinand
Ramble On- Led Zeppelin
Lucid Dreams- Franz Ferdinand
White Lily No Soul- Helicopters
I Wish I was a Girl- Counting Crows
Keep Me in Mind- Zac Brown Band
Notion- Kings of Leon
Over and Over- Hot Chip
This Girl- Punch Brothers
Call It What You Want- Foster the People
Farther Along- Josh Garrels
Ring Them Bells- Sarah Jarosz
Clara- Punch Brothers
Love in Japan- Coldplay
Curtigh- Punch Brothers
Orpheo Looks Back- Andrew Bird
The Daylight- Andrew Belle

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