Thursday, January 13, 2011

What is this all about?

               I love teenagers, I love Jesus, and I love academics. These three things motivate me to share my thoughts about the intersection of all things youth ministry and all things academic. I have a hunch that you are passionate about at least one of those three things and that is why you are here. After recently completing a Master’s, and studying factors that contribute to faith that lasts beyond high school, I have a head full of tangents, and practical suggestions. There is always far too much to cram into a paper or a venture that is purely academic. So, here I am, writing my thoughts in a blog for you to read them. I intend to make this blog a resource for those in youth ministry (and those who just like teenagers, Jesus or me) with reflections, suggestions, questions and resources.

            There is a wealth of strong academic research on adolescents and on youth ministry that speaks to all kinds of issues from trends in culture, to adolescent psychology, and youth ministry theory. I think that information can be brought to bear on the daily ins and outs of youth ministry. This is my corner of the world to explore those ideas, to tell you about what I am reading and learning, and to hopefully bring some of that information to you in a way that is useful, or at least thought provoking.  So, here we go!

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